A Cheerful Contribution Beyond Ourselves

We strongly believe that each and every one has the right to live in dignity, which includes the right to clean, safe and accessible food. Especially for children, having access to enough food will empower them in school and help to build their own future.

Supporting small non-governmental organizations ourselves, we decided to create our own support initiatives as there are still too many undernourished kids around our globe. That’s why for each product you purchase, we donate a fixed amount in the name of Noah Leléy.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela.

Building a complete Education Center for orphaned children in Uganda – that is the vision of Kwa Moyo.

Kwa Moyo is a charitable organization that supports children, youth and families in need in Bwikhasa Village in the Eastern Region of Uganda.

Building a school for unprivileged kids “with heart and soul”

Let’s take a closer look at this small organization, for which we have a tremendous amount of respect. "Kwa Moyo" is Swahili language and means "with heart" and "soul/spirit" or "feeling". Given our love to meaningful charitable contribution in life, we realized that this small organization would be the perfect partner for us.

On an area of 30,000 sqm in Bwikhasa Village, a primary school complex and nursery are a new central place for the local children. The organization frequently organizes workshops for the community´s inhabitants. Topics like hygiene and sanitation, family planning, health care (including HIV/Aids prevention), improvement of cultivating and nurturing of agricultural products are being addressed here.

Looking at a Brighter Future Ahead

Kwa Moyo also strongly supports the student’s mothers through founding the „Kwa Moyo Ladies Group“. Workshops about several topics and especially income-producing measures shall help the mothers to facilitate their families financially and in their everyday life. The unemployment rate in this rural community is more than devastating 90percent, and there are almost no opportunities for the youth. This is why a group of young people approached Kwa Moyo asking for support at the end of 2016. A number of 69 youngsters aged between 14 and 23 years united to form “KYODA”, the Kwa Moyo Youth Development Association.

Raising from the soccer court to full time employment.

Initially, the boys founded a football team that participates in local tournaments, while the girls played net ball. Meanwhile, several groups have been established such as hair dressing, arts and crafts, public relation and drama. The boys and girls of the drama group are putting on plays that are raising awareness for their problems. The organization Kwa Moyo also organizes workshops for this sub-group in order to open up new employment opportunities for the young people. We are very proud and happy to have Kwa Moyo as our partner and support their great contribution to make our world a better place. Let’s support them altogether.