The Marcona Almond - Our Raw Diamond

We would like to take you with us on a slight unusual journey and follow us to our story’s beginning - to the roots of the Marcona Almond Tree. This is the place where most of Noah’s journeys begin. If it would not be for this beautiful tree and the delighted almonds it grows, we would likely not even exist today.

Our fascinating Raw Diamond – The Marcona Almond

The Marcona Almond distinguishes itself from other Almonds due to its outstanding odor, texture and taste. It differs greatly to the common and industrialized California Almonds (the ones you are very likely to know from your local supermarket). Looking at its shape, the Marcona Almond is much rounder and much larger in size than other almonds. The texture of this raw diamond reminds of a Macadamia nut. Most important, considering the taste, the Marcona Almond awards itself with an indescribable taste of mild sweetness. The flavor of these nuts would truly deserve a whole journal entry by itself. However, we try to keep this long story short. Summarized in one line, the incredible taste astonishes you with a full aroma variety resolving in one single symphony at the finish line.

Spanish roots and the beautiful sunny countryside

Let’s take a short moment, go on a travel and take a closer look of where our Marcona Almonds come from. We are somewhere in the sunny mountain side in Andalusia, Spain. What a beautiful landscape here. The coast and the ocean are in eye’s distance. We are walking up a steep Almond Tree field while enjoying the refreshing mountain breeze. The sun is shining bright, with only a couple of small clouds standing high in the blue sky. The land around us is very fertile, the soil is rich in nutrients and the nut trees find everything they need to flourish here. In addition, the mountain side offers the perfect climate with lots of sun, and roundabout, the perfect condition for any gourmet nut tree. There are nut trees all around us, but today we are looking for a very unique and outstanding nut tree – The “Marcona Almond Tree”.

From tiny plantlet to a glorious long living tree

Every mother tree starts as a single germ bud, developing a strong tree trunk before it is ready to grow a harvest for the first time. After seeding the plantlet, the tree reaches its maturity age after around 8-9 years. It obtains an overall height close to 30 feet (around 9 m). The tree prefers to grow in a full sunny spot, developing a fan-shape like tree crown. And every year during the spring season, the almond tree fields turn into a heaven like natural spectacle, with beautiful flowering Almond Blossom all around. After two years more, the tree carries excellent quality Almonds for the first time. When the tree is ready to be harvested in late summer, the outside of the nut shell turns into their typical yellow-golden shell. Until this harvest day, nature has done its best and accomplished its task. And now is the time Noah Leléy takes over and fusions culinary art with the Marcona Almond as its golden core.