Noah Membership - Private Labels

What's all in it on your travels with Noah Leléy. Let's find out.

We invite you to be a guest of Noah Leléy. As an exclusive guest to the Club you have access to explore the world of delicate nuts with Noah together. Once you have the membership, you can get your hands on exclusive and limited editions. On top for all our member guests we offer a different variety of special offers. For every occasion, just the right thing you may crave for.

Join our newsletter and win in the next Noah Audition and draw your lucky ticket to receive a free test package. This is your chance to get a free personal Noah Membership trail and your opportunity to experience your own Noah Moment. We ship you a case of delicious diamonds - for free. Hand-made, exclusively for you and your personal requirements. Our service to you? Soul food delights and special surprises. We serve you everything you need.

We wish you a great pleasant day,

Team Noah Leléy