About Us: The "Noix" de Leléy – Nuts & Special Surprises

Welcome to discover more about our boutique Atelier and learn how we got started on our mission. Noah Leléy roots in the French word “Noix” meaning “nut” and the African word “loá” which translates into “nuts and special surprises”. The remainder “Leléy” is an old ancient term having multiple meanings with the interpretation of “enlightenment, easiness, well-being and relaxation”.

Our name entails a sometimes forgotten wisdom, being more relevant today than ever before. It is our invitation for you to enjoy the small but pleasuring moments in life. No matter in which situation and position you are, during good and bad times, positivity and easiness will always serve you well. You can never get enough of these two, and we are there to send you both, wherever you are, whenever you need it. On top, we hope that we can serve you everything you need to enjoy some quality time for yourself or with your loved ones together.

The Roots of our Culinary Journey

Our origin was somehow a surprising coincidence, underlining our passion for culinary perfection and our commitment to a little bit of social contribution. It started with our founding fathers being passionate food lovers with a craving for high quality and extraordinary good ingredients themselves. After a long journey, in search for the world’s greatest nuts they realized they were finally so close to reach their goal on their passionate culinary mission. Traveling around the world on their secret mission, trying and testing new culinary food highlights, the best friends finally found themselves at the coast of Andalusia, Spain.

The Eureka Moment - Delights & Surprise

Let’s go a little back in time when they started their journey. Some time ago, our founding fathers were on a trip to Africa when they were by accident introduced to a case of incredible hand-roasted cashews from Tanzania. Having always a fable for delicious nuts snacks, they were astonished by what they just tried. They had never experienced such a culinary nut snack – unlike anything else they had ever seen before. It took them some time to grasp what unique jewelry they just tried in that moment.

Traveling to the Beautiful Coast of Spain.

When our club founders realized no current available nut product would serve their needs and satisfy their cravings after this incredible tasting nut experience they had in Tanzania - they decided to set on a mission to find and create a new kind of culinary art - with a golden nut right in the middle. The idea of the world’s first “culinary gourmet nuts” was born. Fast forward, they set on to travel around the world, tasted all sorts of raw nuts from everywhere and found themselves discovering the greatest of all Almonds in the middle of Andalusia, on the beautiful Mediterranean coast of Spain. The discovery of the Marcona Almond with its magnificent natural taste made up for the long tedious struggles in the previous couple of month before. Becoming friends with the loval nut farmers and including expert chefs in the whole picture, they were able to create their first nut highlight – A golden roasted Marcona Almond covered in fine layers of amazing Borneo truffle Chocolate.

The Journey of Noah Leléy

A couple of month later, the idea of Club Noah Leléy was born “The Nut & Almond Atelier, sparking an exceptional taste in each and every one.” And on top, for us it was certain that it should be a social enterprise as well. With our contribution to support non-governmental initiatives that solve children hunger and the lack of school education for children, we found a modern way to serve both – our golden guests & customers - as well as general society. This kind of modern and well thought off philosophy became our daily conviction in serving you a superb tasting and remarkable moment: “You enjoy some delicious gourmet nuts, while club Noah Leléy takes on responsibility in making the world a better place”.